TrickyMisfit Enterprises, LLC is established with the following mission statement .

This organization, hereafter to be referred to as “the team,” is dedicated to the  preservation, protection, and promotion of an accurate history of the United States Army Special Forces (The Green Berets) during the Second Indochina War.

This shall be accomplished through various multimedia means as possible given available resources (talent and financial) to the team.

The paramount object shall be a TV series (not unlike M*A*S*H in flavor) introduced by a movie. The production will be 100% fact based, following the exploits of my career. The Green Beret brought up to date in the 21st Century.


1. Speakers’ Bureau for giving academic and guest speaker presentations.

2. The production and distribution of music videos and tribute DVD’s similar to, but more professional than, those at

3. Reenactor groups (Historical reenactment is an educational or entertainment activity in which people follow a plan to recreate aspects of a historical event or period.)

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