Fund Raising

This page is currently dedicated to raising money for my legal defense fund. Not only do I wish to be absolved of my criminal charges, I wish to publicly call attention to the failure of our system that criminalizes, rather than treats, the symptoms of PTSD and other mental disorders. I have little faith in a public defender who gets paid the same whether I win or loss. And I have no assets to hire someone worthy of defending America’s Veterans (for whom I wish to stand as poster boy, bearing my soul) and seeing the bigger picture in mental health attitudes in today’s society. My story has been shared openly on Facebook where I have +/-4,900 friends.

If I get and average of $1/per friend, I have enough for that retainer. If I can get some real donations beyond a simple defense, I can mount a real  Public Awareness campaign regarding the threat posed to average Americans, if we continue to ignore the real solutions. And the dis-services done to America’s Veterans

If anyone sees fit to make a more significant donation* to my cause, there are several, “personally” crafted, “Thank you!” gifts I can offer.

Gifts Gifts Gifts Gifts

Replica One-Zero certificate(signed)

Autographed Photograph

Either of two DVD’s.

* I have no way to gauge what might be a  “significant donation” nor what might seem like a worthy “Thank you.”

Should you choose to donate to my legal defense fund, please specify if you would like a thank you gift, by stating the gift on the donation form. Thank you.


Read a few of my letters of support here.