Movie (based upon the book???): Biographical (The making of a Special Forces Soldier ala Legion of Honor and Flybys, and other “coming of age” in combat movies.

Objective: To tell an interesting (two thumbs up) story that entertains and teaches at multiple levels. The story MUST be historically in every aspect. I believe it was Faulkner who observed that History was about creating a usable past. We have lost the history of Vietnam to the detriment of the nation.

Open: Leaving Dulles on way home from Walter reed on convalescent leave. Then, flashback to last mission: mission alert through medivac to Walter Reed to leaving the hospital for convalescent leave. The story goes full cycle with openings to go into the future and the past at the same time.

In the reverse of M*A*S*H, my series would follow the movie. It would go on with my life

post-Vietnam with the focus on flashbacks and story telling to actual events in my life. Episodes could also include the stories of other operations, missions, and deeds of daring (second generation) through stories within stories. For example, A-102 was the team overrun in the A Shau. MSG Leland ‘Top’ Harris was the team leader and told me about the incident. Third generation stories of other ops with which I was not directly involved could be legitimately included with various literary devices and disclaimers.

Historical presidents to follow: M*A*S*H; The Green Beret; We Were Soldiers; and AMC’s Turn. Turn adds the interesting element of a synchronized website presentation that gave more detailed information and historical fact that had to be left out of the story. For Example, an extended narrative around the tradition of singing Old Blue. This site would also be a resource for anyone wanting to do research into all aspects of the Special Forces role in the second Indochina War.

Personal note: I have been involved in theater since the male lead in my junior class play. I studied a little acting in college. I performed a little in community theater, both in a small part as Frankenstein in a Halloween melodrama and the role of Scrooge (didn’t take much acting) in a community theater production of the musical A Christmas Carol.  I, also, produced and directed the most successful, fund-raising, dinner-theater event in the history of the Cotopaxi Consolidate School PTA. I know just enough to know that I don’t know enough to do this on my own..

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